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Streetlight Advances

LED Streetlight Products Improve Public Safety

Street, sidewalk and parking lot lighting is an essential safety component for municipalities, plants, campuses and other large private and public institutions. Increasing lighting in dimly-lit sidewalks and parking prevents accidents & injuries, and deters crime as well.

However, U.S. Department of Energy statistics indicate that streetlights account for an estimated national total of over $2 billion in energy costs. And – with the average existing streetlight fixture being over 25 years old – most street lamps are energy inefficient, as well as in need of constant maintenance.

The best cost-saving option to replace old, inefficient streetlights is LED lighting. LED lighting provides higher levels of light output and visibility. And brighter streets, sidewalks & parking lots means fewer accidents and less crime.

LED Streetlight Products Reduce Energy Costs

At the same time, LED streetlamps can drastically reduce energy bills, by lowering electricity costs by a full 75%. And while LEDs streetlights may cost slightly more initially, the enormous reduction in energy costs – not to mention the reduction in accidents and crime – more than offset the slightly higher initial investment I LED.

A case in point is The City of Los Angeles’ recent conversion of over 140,000 streetlights to LED – resulting in an energy savings of 60% ($7.7 million) for the city annually.

Additionally, LED lighting is the most durable and longest lasting lighting option available today. In fact, LED lamps can last more than 20 years! Greater durability and longer lifespan means a substantial reduction in costs associated with both replacement parts & lamps and maintenance labor.

In increasing numbers, towns, cities, colleges, manufacturing plants and office complexes are realizing the value of conversions to LED sidewalk, parking lot & street lighting – substantially reducing their energy costs, while better protecting both the environment and their citizens, students, guests & employees.