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Interior Lighting Design

New Lighting Products Expand Design Options

When it comes to the aesthetics of lighting, the constraints of conventional “T-Grid” ceiling schemes in commercial buildings have been the bane of architects and interior designers alike. Designers of retail and office environments have long wished they could branch out into more creative and inspired lighting configurations – but were always thwarted by the grid-like layout of traditional ceilings.

Integrated Ceiling Lighting Systems

However, a new category of ceiling has emerged that is lending itself to new and exciting lighting possibilities for commercial areas. Called “integrated ceiling systems,” these new ceilings concentrate lighting (and other utilities) in narrow bands running the length of the room – giving architects and designers more freedom to create imaginative layouts, while still allowing for standard maintenance operations.

Now function no longer triumphs over form, and a variety of aesthetically pleasing lighting possibilities are now a reality – bringing inspiration to illuminating all types of areas. State-of-the-art offerings on LED technologies combine band ceiling systems with specially designed compatible LED luminaires to free design concepts from being tied to a grid pattern.

Designer LED Luminaires & Light Fixtures

Additionally, the latest LED technologies offer much greater freedom in fixture design. A growing array of both linear luminaires and illuminated pendants, are now available to give the architect and interior designer a wide selection of exciting “bulb-less” lighting options. These new LED designs are thin, gorgeously sculpted, and very chic – making them highly desirable for upscale retail spaces, hotels and restaurants.

This new generation of LED luminaires completely transform look of any space. Thin, uniformly illuminated & suspended from the ceiling – a transparent band that surrounds the edge of the fixture gives the illusion that the light is “floating.”

And, in addition to being more attractive, LED luminaires can drastically reduce energy bills, by lowering an establishment’s lighting electricity costs by a full 75%.

Both more elegant and more energy-efficient than traditional incandescent or fluorescent fixtures, the new array of designer LED fixtures is in high demand in modern, upscale and progressive environments across the U.S. and across the globe.