Improve Operations with Office Lighting

5 Ways Proper Office Lighting Can Improve Operations

While most people notice an office’s architecture and furnishings, they often don’t give the lighting a second thought. But lighting is actually one of the most important components of any office’s design and functionality. Lighting not only affects ambiance, it is also a big influence on productivity, employee health, safety, and a positive working environment.

In this article, the office lighting experts at Team Electrical Sales in Detroit, MI explain five of the most important ways that proper lighting can improve any office’s operations.

#1. Office Lighting Can Improve Worker Health

The right office lighting can help reduce eye strain for office workers. Today’s office workers necessarily spend a great deal of time in front of computer screens – making them especially susceptible to eye strain. But selecting the right office lighting can actually reduce screen glare, making it easier for employees to see their screens, which reduces eye strain.

When choosing office lighting, it is essential to ensure that it is not too bright or too dim. Glare-reducing light fixtures can also help minimize glare on computer screens to help reduce eye strain. Task lights can also help reduce eye strain for employees who work at a computer screen.  And, in offices where employees are doing a lot of paperwork, it is necessary to ensure that the lighting is not too harsh.

Studies have also shown that good lighting can engender a sense of calm and relaxation, improving employees’ mental and physical well-being. This translates into workers being happier and more productive in their roles. High-quality LED lighting has also been shown to help avoid circadian disruption that can lead to depression, anxiety, insomnia, and Seasonal Affective Disorder.

#2. Good Office Lighting Improves Productivity

Properly selected office lighting helps improve employee productivity in several ways. By reducing eye strain, proper office lighting not only helps office workers be more comfortable, but also reduces headaches as well as fatigue. This makes it easier for employees to concentrate on their work and enables them to work for longer stretches of time.

Good office lighting also increases employee alertness and energy, making it easier for workers to stay focused and motivated throughout the course of the day.

#3. Proper Office Lighting Saves Energy (and Money!)

When selecting the right office lighting, choosing energy-efficient light fixtures can help reduce utility costs while also benefitting the environment. Energy-efficient lighting fixtures and bulbs can significantly reduce any office’s electricity consumption.

Compact fluorescent lamps (CFLs) and light-emitting diode (LED) lamps typically use up to 75% less energy than traditional incandescent bulbs. And, CFL and LED office lighting fixtures and bulbs also last considerably longer, which reduces office maintenance costs.

#4. The Right Office Lighting Increases Safety

Proper office lighting can have a big impact on workplace safety. It’s common sense that bright lighting helps people see better, while poorly lit areas can lead to accidents and injuries.

Sufficient lighting is especially important in high-activity areas, such as hallways, common areas, and stairways – to help people see where they are going and avoid trips, slips, collisions, and falls. Good lighting is also especially important in areas where there are heavy objects, hazardous materials, or any dangerous or complex equipment.

Good lighting also makes it easier to find things. This is important in areas where there are a lot of objects, such as storage rooms. Good lighting can help people see what they are looking for and avoid accidents.

There are more than 23,000 workplace injuries in the United States every day – adding up to 8.5 million injuries every year. The huge cost to businesses and insurers of these job-related injuries is $250 billion annually. While good lighting cannot prevent all employee injuries, it can definitely help reduce the occurrence of falls, collisions and dropped objects.

#5. Good Office Lighting Impresses Customers

Finally, the right office lighting can help make a good impression on a company’s clients. The aesthetic or ambiance of your office lighting plays heavily into how customers ‘feel’ when they spend time at an office. To begin with, lighting fixtures should complement the rest of the décor for aesthetic appeal. Exposed florescent tubes, for example, will detract from the appearance and the mood of the setting.

Office owners also do not want lighting to be too bright or too dim. Excessively bright lighting can be jarring and feel interrogational or institutional. While an office that is too dark can feel gloomy and depressing.

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